Multimedia Design

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Prof. Renata Morais

Prof. Carlos Montana

Prof. Sayjel Patel


Designing Interactions


The course explores subjective dynamics of interactivity in new kinds of Human-AI interfaces, experimenting with the boundaries between human and artificial perception and cognition.

Aysha Alsuwaidi


Designing Interactions

Prof. Renata Morais

Anabella Milner

Mirror Image

A self-portrait series inspired by self-perception and awareness mediated by the interactions with the AI agent Replika

Designing Interactions

Prof. Renata Morais


Mohammad Baazim

Self As Data

A reflection about the intricacies of our complex relationship with digital technologies by shifting our gaze from machine to self. Subjectivity becomes data that is visualized as art.

Data Aesthetics

Prof. Renata Morais


Tangible Computing


"Decoding Cultures of Time-based Media", focuses on screen-based interactions. It exposes the skills to create an interactive computer program and unpacks various visual cultures of computational aesthetics.

Prof. Sayjel Patel

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Amber Lowe

Abdelrahman Alhamadi

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